Instructions for Annotation Tool
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To use, click on any "available video." Then fill in your name in the "Login" window and click on the "Login" button.  Look at the animation or model, and try to understand what is it doing and what are its key moments. Your job will be to explain those key moments using the frame number in the picture. After you view the movie, stop and fill in any frame number you wish to make comments on and click "load frame", you will see the frame you filled in appear above the text box. Now enter any comments you wish to make and click on "save annotation."  You may do this for as many frames as you like. When you are done click on the "Back" button of your browser and then click on "Get Report".  Enter the login name you used and the name of the sample video clip you used and click on "Get Report" and you will see a complete report of the clips you commented on with your annotations. To get started you can click above or here.

Or if you would like to see an example of a successful annotaion go here.