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Student Consent Form

Dear Student,
Your science class has been selected as a site for a national researchproject funded by the National Science Foundation, called the Learningthrough Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project. This is the thirdyear that CoVis has been actively involved in high schools. Our goal isto investigate and help improve learning within science classrooms. Youwill be asked to fill out questionnaires about your science attitudes andlearning, as well as some background information about your interests andyour scholastic and personal history. As part of our study, we may observeyou or your science classroom during this school year. We will documentthese observations either through written notes, audio, or video records. Occasionally we will be interviewing students like you about their perceptionsof learning. These interviews will ask about successes and problems youhave learning science content and skills and, where appropriate, with workingwith computer tools and team-based materials.
 In those science classrooms where computer based materials are used, wewill maintain records of your computer interactions and communications. Course grades, documents, and other materials that are representative ofcurrent and previous school and classroom performance will be obtained. These records will be kept strictly confidential - they will not identifyyou by name. We are collecting this information to assess student experienceand performance as a group, not the experience or performance ofany individual student. The video and audio records we collect are forcareful and confidential analysis of learning and teaching interactions,and are used only for research and research presentation purposes. These recordings will not be shown in other forums (e.g., broadcast televisionand promotional materials), unless we ask special permission from you andyour parents. Your name will be kept strictly confidential in all publicationsresulting from this research.
 The feedback you provide will help us make improvements in the science educationavailable not only at your school, but at other schools throughout the UnitedStates.
No unusual methods or stressful conditions are used in our research. Youwill be interviewed about your experiences in learning science with newtechnologies, but your responses will have no influence on your grades orschool records.
Participation is voluntary and your refusal to participate will involveno penalty or loss of benefits. In other words, neither your grades noryour ability to participate in the class will be affected. You may withdrawat any time from the research study without penalty or loss of benefits. If you have any questions about the research, please call Roy Pea at 708-467-1190or Louis Gomez at 708-467-2821
Sincerely yours,
Professor Roy Pea
Professor Louis Gomez
Northwestern University
CoVis Project-Learning through Collaborative Visualization
Student Consent Form
Please check one response and return this completed form to your teacher:
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 to participate in the CoVis research study outlined above.
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