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Video is becoming the medium of choice for collecting images and sound for educational and social science learning. It is the proper medium for research projects in education, and it is the display medium for the most complex scientific animations.

Video is also the media for information about the worlds news events, the latest from science and technology from sports and medicine. It is a media for education.

Students, teachers and educators need to know how to read, construct and become masters of this new technology. It is to this purpose that this site is dedicated. We can't cover everything, but we hope to be able to provide hel in the class, new cognitive tools for education and some amazing new light weight tools.

As a student or as a researcher, the reasons for choosing video are many: as a student you may find video is the most interesting way to present a complex subject you are required to report on; as a researcher you will find that video tape can preserve more aspects of interaction including talking, gesture, eye gaze, manipulatives, computer displays. Moreover, video allows repeated observation of the same event, and supports microanalysis and multidisciplinary analysis. Video supports an analysis of the motion and the mathematics of motion. Video supports the construction of significant stories that tell and explain. Video can get researchers out of controlled laboratory settings and into the naturalistic field work. Finally, video provides analytical benefits: it can support grounded theory, whereby the emergence of new categories from source materials is carefully disciplined. Video can avoid the "what I say" versus "what I do" problem that can occur in self-reports. Video supports a critical incident methodology, but also allows examination of the lead-up and downstream consequences of the critical event.

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