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Computing the X-Ray Universe Movie: text

Gas temperature evolution (co-moving frame)

We now view the evolution of gas temperature with cosmic time. As before low temperature gas is rendered blue and transparent and high temperature gas is rendered red and opaque. Intermediate temperatures are assigned colors according to the scale at upper right.

The universe remains cold until a redshift of around two. Although not visible here, the gas has begun to fall into the gravitational potential wells created by the clustering of the dark matter at speeds in excess of two hundred kilometers per second.

Subsequently the gas collides with itself as it rushes into the cluster cores and shock waves are generated which heat the gas to millions of degrees Kelvin. The hottest gas is found at the intersections of filaments and produces the brightest X-ray clusters. Warm gas in the 100,00 to 1 million degree range delineates the filaments which are all but invisible to X-ray telescopes.

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