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Virgo Cluster: Caption, Credits and Copyright

The nearest moderately rich cluster of galaxies lies in the direction of Virgo, and its members appear scattered over more than 100 square degrees of sky. The richest part of the cluster is centred on the giant elliptical galaxies M84 and M86 which dominate this picture. Not surprisingly in such a relatively crowded environmen t, close encounters between cluster members are fairly common and in the upper left (NE) of the photograph NGC 4438 has been distorted by its companion NGC 4435. The whole cluster is receding with an average velocity of over 1000 km per second but there i s sufficient variation around that value to suggest that it may be composed of more than one cloud of galaxies which is probably elongated along our line of sight. ( D. Malin)

Courtesy David Malin, Anglo-Australian Observatory
Anglo-Australian Telescope Board/Royal Observatory Edinburgh, 1987

The copyright of this image is owned and adminstered jointly by the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh and the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board. It is made available here for personal use only. Any commercial use of this picture requires the written permissio n of the copyright holders. Contact DFM@AAOEPP.AAO.GOV.AU or CC@AAO.EPP.AAO.GOV.AU for more information or reproduction conditions.

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