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Testing Hydrodynamics in 2-D

Digital Cosmology Timeline

Here, a code originally developed for modeling shock wave phenomena was adapted for astrophysics and run on a more advanced multiprocessor vector computer, the Convex C-3380. A highly parallelized version of the code was also developed and run on a Connection Machine 5. In the trial runs restricted to 2-dimensions, neither dark matter, nor any other physics other than gravity was added. Even so, distinct patterns in gas density and temperature clearly appear to emerge during the course of the simulation in the slice of the universe depicted.

These 2-D Hydrodynamic tests helped lay the groundwork for a more complex 3-dimensional code that would include dark matter. This code was aptly named KRONOS after the Greek god of time. A major thrust of the Cosmology Grand Challenge is to develop novel cosmology codes and make them available to astrophysics research community.

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