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Higher Res. Clustering in Scale-Free Universes: Caption

Scale-free, P3M code with mixed dark matter power spectrum

The simulation depicted in this still image was identical to the pm simulation shown in the previous movie, except that the parallel particle-particle/particle-mesh (p3m) method was used, resulting in about 10 times better spatial resolution. The softening length is 10 pixels in the highest-magnification panel (1/5120 of the size of the simulation cube). The differences between this image and the one above are due to the higher force resolution of the p3m simulation. The simulation was performed on the CM-5 at NCSA. More than 1300 timesteps were taken and energy was conserved to better than 0.01%.

The large image shows the visual representation at different magnifications, allowing the viewer to zoom into a variety of features.

This research is continuing, so watch out for more images and perhaps even movie or two.

Further information can be obtained from MIT's GC3 Web Site. Follow the links Cosmic Structure Formation Gallery and Hierarchical Clustering from n=-2 Fluctuations.

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