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Three Configurations

The dishes of the BIMA array are set on a "T" shaped track, 305 meters long in the East-West direction, and 183 meters long in the North-South direction. For observational purposes, the dishes are set in only one of three configurations, each affording a different resolution. Configuration A produces the highest resolution, configuration B yields medium resolution, and configuration C provides the lowest resolution. So, in configuration A, the BIMA array discerns small scale features, while configuration C is better at picking out details on the large scale.

Moving the BIMA Array's Dishes

Recently, a receiving station was installed to the north of a 183 meter-long section. Placing an antenna at this station extends one of the tracks to 900 meters. The longer baselines in this A+ configuration enable imaging at higher resolution.
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More technical information about BIMA's configurations can be found at the University of Maryland's BIMA server.

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