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Planet Formation: Caption, Credits and Copyright

This movie was edited from the full movie version entitled "The Formation of the Solar System" and produced by:

The text below is a slightly modified version of the original narration script.

Five billion years ago a cloud of hot swirling dust and hydrogen gas gives birth to our Sun and planets. As the cloud spins and collapses inwards it flattens into a central mass and surrounding disk. Dust and gases in the disk form other, smaller condensations each spinning about its own center.

Gravitation condensation heats the central mass. Density increases dramatically and [nuclear] fusion begins. Energy is released and our Sun flares into existence. The solar wind of the newly ignited Sun blows away leftover dust and gas in the vicinity of the inner condensations, leaving the rocky inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

In the outer regions of the disk, the solar wind is weaker. The remaining dust and gas condense into the larger gaseous planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

This scenario leaves us with many questions.



David Nadeau, Holliday Horton
SDSC Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory

Post Production:

Kevin Landel
Edward Yaffa

Original Script: Merry Maisel

Copyright (c), 1992. San Diego Supercomputer Center, General Atomics, Inc.

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