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Permutahedron and Associahedron Operating Instructions:

Desktop Version:

After opening either the associahedron or permutahedron, the controls are the same as those of illiSkel, with the following additions:

Press 'b':  Pressing 'b' will cause colored balls to appear at the vertices. In the associahedron, pressing the 'b' button again will then cause rectangular boxes to appear around the balls. Continuing to press 'b' will cause the balls to disappear, and then the boxes to disappear (associahedron only). If the "shift" key is held down, this cycle runs in the opposite manner (first boxes appear, then balls).

Press 'f':   Pressing 'f' will cause the polyhedrons to have color filled sides in place of the standard wire-frame images. When sides are turned on, pressing 'b' will function as normal, however, in the associahedron, users are unable to see boxes being generated from the center of the polyhedron (but they will eventually appear).

CAVE Version:

The CAVE versions of these objects operate exactly like CAVEskel, with the following changes:

Left Button (in TURNMODE):
In place of the standard morphing, the left button on the wand will now act in a manner identical to pressing 'b' in the desktop version. It is important to note that TURNMODE is the mode that the CAVE version permutahedrons and associahedrons open in by default.

Left Button (not in TURNMODE):
When the user leaves TURNMODE by pressing the middle button on the wand, the functionality of the left button changes and is no longer the same as pressing 'b'. Instead, pressing the left button will now be the same as pressing 'f' on the keyboard as explained above.