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PyBake: Home of Tasty Math198 Python Creations

William recommends: "Try the PyBolt it's delicious!"

Find all my old 2003 math198 project here

Spring 2005 Final Project, the Splinester

Click here for Splinester Project Page
Click here for the Splinester Report (pdf)

Spring 2005 Creations:

Hippocket Program 1: The recursive spiral generator (added bonus: learn to parse Python command line arguments in 2 easy steps)
Reviews praise: "Simply mesmerizing ..."
Hippocket Program 2: The fake earth and moon simulator
Onlookers remarked: "Who knew the only planet was the earth?"
Hippocket Program 3: VPython Lighting to the Limit
Warning: "Not a very high limit ... in fact, illiLight could beat it with its hands tied behind its back"
Hippocket Program 4: Blobby (Boxy) man in VPython
The Obvious: "He doesn't look very blobby to me!"
VPython Demo Edits: Learn how to write programs in VPython that can be edited interactively
"And they said it couldn't be done!"

My Software Engineering Project

Puzzle Dungeon Advance

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