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Stoked3D: A 3D Simulation of Gas and Smoke


Stoked 3D is a three dimensional simulation of smoke based on the Navier-Stokes equations. The simulation places importance on visual quality over numerical accuracy. The program is an extension of the 2d demo released by Jos Stam at the 2003 Game Developer's Conference.

Using Stoked 3d

Stoked 3D allows the user to place density on a 2d dimensional grid. Then the user can then add a forces into the system on the same plane as the grid and watch the smoke diffuse and react convincingly. The plane where forces and density are being add can be move forward and backwards as well. There are also multiple parameters that can be changed in source code to great change the simulation.

To learn how Stoked3D works you can take a look at my original project proposal, which contains a good overview of the program. If you would like a deeper understanding, read some of the papers published by Jos Stam. The two papers that helped me the most in understanding his solver were Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games and Stable Fluids.

The initial state


Adding density on a 2D plane


Adding forces