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I have converted Gred Kaiser's 4D Tetris (hyperTetris) from IrisGL to OpenGL and GLUT. This will allow futher development of hyperTetris with modern tools. In this vain I have also made two modifications to the RTICA, you can now use the P key to pause the game and prevent pieces from automatically falling. In addition, I have added CTRL-Middle Click to re-activate the rotation of all of the quadrants.

For your enjoyment, here are the source files. My change notes are in the README-VERSION file, in addition you can find zips of versions-in-progress in the history directory

Lorenz Mask Behavior

This is a relatively simple Java 3D program that creates a rotating, three dimensional Lorenz Mask. Here are a couple of screen shots:

You can find the source files (not as commented as I'd like) here:

To run, simply download, compile with jdk 1.3 or later with Java3D 1.1.3 installed and run in the java virtual machine. Has not been tested on any system other than Windows 98, so no guarantees.